Response to Erich Schubert (systemd fanboi / male feminist) and his lies.

Michael Hall mhall119 at
Tue Nov 11 23:32:57 UTC 2014

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Michael Hall
mhall119 at

On 11/11/2014 06:18 PM, Chateau DuBlanc wrote:
> Erich Schubert is a male feminist. The sort of person
> who is in good standing with current debian social politics.
> He has taken to spread a number of falsehoods in his recent column.
> Dear Mr Schubert;
> "He has not contributed anything to the open source community."
> This is a complete lie. I've contributed gigabytes of media alone.
> I've done years and years of programming work.
> I have done far more than you ever will.
> "His songs and "games" are not worth looking at,"
> Your subjective view. Coloured by your social views and your
> disdain for those who oppose you in that.
> "and I'm not aware of any project that has accepted any of his "contributions"."
> The only objectively true thing you've said: you're not aware.
> I'm glad you're unaware, I hope that trend continues.
> I expect this post to be censored, it is par for the course for people like you.
> Sincerely;
> --MikeeUSA--

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