Response to Erich Schubert (systemd fanboi / male feminist) and his lies.

Chateau DuBlanc chateaudublanc at
Tue Nov 11 23:18:07 UTC 2014

Erich Schubert is a male feminist. The sort of person
who is in good standing with current debian social politics.
He has taken to spread a number of falsehoods in his recent column.

Dear Mr Schubert;

"He has not contributed anything to the open source community."
This is a complete lie. I've contributed gigabytes of media alone.
I've done years and years of programming work.
I have done far more than you ever will.

"His songs and "games" are not worth looking at,"
Your subjective view. Coloured by your social views and your
disdain for those who oppose you in that.

"and I'm not aware of any project that has accepted any of his "contributions"."
The only objectively true thing you've said: you're not aware.
I'm glad you're unaware, I hope that trend continues.

I expect this post to be censored, it is par for the course for people like you.


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