Paid software must be tested for level of compatibility

Fran├žoise Del Socorro waterreedshimmer at
Sat May 10 06:10:31 UTC 2014

I am very disappointed with paid software lies.

For exemple:

First not normal price in euros was not converted from price in dollars. Paid 48euros, when I had clicked on website (not on Ubuntu Software Center) to have linux/win/mac compatible. And it was written 48dollars on it.
Second compatibility is fake, software creator doesn't understand about how Ubuntu works and that mine is up to date. No suggestion of searching for any programs to install for compatibility. And extension manager is not as beautiful as in Windows pics, thumbnails missing.
So you take out KompoZer in Precise version and only propose one web builder which is paid but not fully compatible with this version just because it's easy to create them crossplatform ?

You must do like Wine: compatibility tester for paid software please.

If anyone puts anything in the distros it's not normal. I don't say this webbuilder is bad, it'll be great if author work on its compatibility instead of running out.

I know they will not be happy to have to work, but it is a must.
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