GHC haskell support for arm64 and ppc64el

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at
Wed Mar 5 16:55:08 UTC 2014

Il Mercoledì 5 Marzo 2014 17:47, Colin Watson <cjwatson at> ha scritto:

On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 01:24:43PM +0000, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
>> I write here to ask if is it possible to have haskell also in arm64
>> and ppc64el
>> the new 7.6.3-8 release should fix a random build failure on 64 bit
>> architectures that was preventing ghc to build on s390x and similar.
>> Now that this bug is fixed, is anybody planning to upload on those two
>> archs?
>That upload makes no difference.  It only affects *big-endian*
>architectures, and both arm64 and ppc64el are little-endian.

Ops, didn't catch that, thanks :)

>I spent considerable time a while back trying to bootstrap ghc on
>ppc64el and I'm afraid I got nowhere.  Realistically, in the absence of
>a real Haskell expert interested in Ubuntu with access to this hardware,
>the best bet may be to wait for some other distribution to bootstrap ghc
>and then use their binaries to get started.  If you can find such
>binaries lying around then please do let me know.

Don't know, maybe the debian maintainer can help?

Anyway ppc64el is a new born arch, so time will help for sure...

I was thinking more about arm64, is it difficult to bootstrap here?
there was already support for armel and armhf, I don't think it is impossible to find a binary for it...



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