Creation of a proper Mono PPA

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Mon Jun 16 02:41:27 UTC 2014

I doubt people are interested in badgerports given many of the issues I
listed out originally - but most of all because it is currently at 3.2.8
and is showing 3.4.0.  I was aware of it prior,
it's just not going to be what anyone wants and can't be realistically
offered as a solution.

I'm not really sure what you mean about the builder issues, probably
outside my realm of expertise/familiarity there.

As for developers wanting to do development on current releases?
 Absolutely.  Would it have to be a random snapshot?  I don't think so,
just something >= what the mono web site indicates so that when someone
wants to jump in, they aren't discouraged with a second-class experience.

I think people would be more comfortable deploying for a runtime where
someone is making an effort to make good quality, current releases for it
rather than something that shoehorns itself into /opt and doesn't integrate
nicely with the system.

The node, mongodb, wine and several other very popular FOSS PPAs are great
examples that don't leave people going "Well this isn't what I needed!".
 What's available in those PPAs doesn't make the users second class
citizens of the community.

On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 9:29 PM, Christopher James Halse Rogers <
chris at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:10 PM, Alexander Trauzzi <atrauzzi at>
> wrote:
>> Hey Christopher,
>> I still think this "bleeding edge" release is needed as it's not helpful
>> to be forced to wait 6+ months every time Xamarin reaches a popular
>> milestone.  My whole suggestion here *is* to make a best effort to keep
>> pace, no compromises.
>> WRT current backports, I think you just explained why they're not a
>> workable solution.  Saying "...not particularly out of date..." in this
>> thread is the same as saying "be happy with the status quo".
> I don't think so - the status quo is that Ubuntu 12.04 has Mono;
> with the Badgerports backport repository it's got 3.2.8.
> Likewise, the status quo is that Ubuntu 14.04 will forevermore have 3.2.8;
> but it's likely that the Badgerports trusty pocket will get later releases,
> as we package them for Debian & Ubuntu (which is more frequently than once
> every Ubuntu release).
> As I mentioned, if you got the builder issue with Xamarin CI sorted out
> there'd be a per-commit stream of parallel-installable autobuilds available
> to slurp up into a repository. I think that they do the same for all of the
> release tags, so you'd also get stable (albeit untested) release builds out
> of this as well.
>   If what exists currently was sufficient, I think you'd see a lot fewer
>> people like myself voicing concerns and interest to see a better option.
> Oh, I'm not saying everything's rosy. If nothing else, you didn't find
> Badgerports, which points out a lack of useful documentation.
> That said, still I'm not entirely sure what problem you're trying to solve
> - is there an audience of developers who _actually_ want to do development
> against a random snapshot of mono trunk, or do you just want “the release
> that fixes my bugs”?
>   It's definitely appropriate here to suggest that you google for peoples'
>> accounts and anecdotes on stack exchange sites.  There's no shortage of
>> people talking about the hoops one has to jump through, which we know
>> effectively render any use of Mono in deployment improbable.
> Would any of this actually fix the deployment issue? Would you really
> deploy on an unsupported runtime, which any PPA is going to be?
>   We have to bring the calibre of the integration up to the same levels as
>> PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and other runtimes.
> I'm unfamiliar with the status of the other runtimes; can you point out
> the resources that show what they do better, etc?
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