Upgrade issues

Dale Amon amon at vnl.com
Mon Jun 2 06:49:06 UTC 2014

I've made enough progress to get work done but there are still
things I don't like much as well as things that don't work.

* I have not yet found which settings panel has the screensaver
  setup to make it run the slideshow over ~/Pictures. I would
  swear that this used to be part of the lock panel.

* Even though I set my power settings to do nothing when the
  lid closes, I still had a hard lockup of my laptop when
  I got home from work on Friday. I had to reboot.

* This evening I tried the lock screen and it would not accept
  my password. I had to 
	restart gdm
  to get control back. 

* I have still not found out how to get launchers on the top tool
  bar. Nor have I found out how to put them in the less convenient
  Applications menu. For the time being I've got a couple desktop
  launchers for xterm and xemacs but they often get covered.

* The desktop switching is cute and I am limping along with it, but
  it is not fast. I'm used to looking in the lower corner, seeing
  where I want to go and just sweeping the mouse down and clicking
  to get there. The upper right corner thing would be okay if it
  put your cursor on the current window so you could click and move
  really quickly. But even then, the miniature desktop views only
  include one screen and the things I am looking for are often on
  the other, really big screen that is to my right at home or work.

* For most of these things, it would be much, much better to just
  click on the upper or lower tool bar and get the tool bar customization 
  in a menu; do some click in the Applications to update and also
  there should be drag and drop into it and to the tool bars. In many
  ways I find workspace manager technology less friendly than in the
  old classics like cwm and afterstep.

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