some glitches I've noticed

Murdoc murpire at
Mon Feb 24 17:33:24 UTC 2014

So here are a couple of glitches I've encountered so far:

1. When the laptop lid is closed, regardless of settings, it will go 
into a hibernate/suspend state rather than the "do nothing" option.

2. When trying to empty the trash can from the desktop, it will get 
stuck, as in it's in a constant state of processing, you can however 
empty it from files with no problem.

3. upon start-up/ resume right before the graphical login screen, there 
appears a garbage picture, highly pixelated and unrecognisable.

4. Certain programs (so far codeblocks, gimp)will open in an "inbetween" 
area, between desktops where you can't see the dialogue windows.   You 
can just grab the window with Alt and drag it into the viewing area, 
however if you don't know to do that it looks like it didn't load.

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