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Hi Alexander

Alexander Langanke wrote on 12/12/14 22:22:
> ...
> I recently installed the Windows 10 technical preview on my
> windows machine and have played around with OS X Betas in the past
> and really liked the feedback apps they both have and the insider
> hub that windows 10 recently recieved.
> Why don't we build something similar for Ubuntu? We have apport as
> a bug info collecting tool with no real GUI and no feedback tool 
> whatsoever (that I am aware of). The Ubuntu Test Cases could get
> some more stagetime as well.
> ...

I designed a "Contributor Console" for Ubuntu on PC a couple of years
ago. <>

Michael Spencer started implementing it, but it hasn't been touched
for a while. <> I'd be
delighted to see it finished and published in the Ubuntu archives.

> Do plans for something like this exist? If not, and you deem this
> a not useless/obsolete idea, what would be the preferred way to
> start? A native App or a web app that integrates the relevant
> launchpad sites or perhaps a scope?

Adapting the app to work on Ubuntu Touch would be tricky, because it
would need access to several things (such as the list of other running
apps, surfaces opened by those apps, and input to those surfaces) that
Ubuntu Touch does not allow. The OS would need to grant an exception
for this app. I expect that would be much easier if it was a native
app than a Web app.

On the other hand, that Ubuntu Touch apps are implemented in only
(ahem) three toolkits -- QML, HTML, or the Dash toolkit -- would allow
features that would work much more often than on Ubuntu for PC. For
example, you could triple-tap on a text label in any app to report a
bug about, or improve the translation of, that particular string.

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