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Tue Dec 2 12:04:02 UTC 2014


On 2 December 2014 at 11:57, Diego Germán Gonzalez
<diegogermangonzalez at> wrote:
> El 02/12/14 a las 08:12, Tom H escibió:
>> Why would Ubuntu give its users a choice of init now when it hasn't in the
>> past?
>> --
> Why use Unity when we always use Gnome?
> Why use LibreOffice when we always use OpenOffice?
> Why use Mir when we always use Xorg and all the rest will use Wayland?
> Again, I have no opinion about it, but something has not been done so far is
> not argument that can not be done in the future

You missed the point of the question. Each flavour released by Ubuntu
Project serves a concrete purpose and has one good default only.
That is the one thing that is core to the Ubuntu Project and has been
the case always.

Each ubuntu flavour only ships one DE, one productivity suite, and one
graphical stack.

Some of this things and choices are different for each flavour.

However most flavours use the same kernel config. All ubuntu flavours
use the same glibc and toolchain. As those are things inherited from
Ubuntu Core which is common across all.
And at the moment the cores init system is upstart. There is plans and
work to migrate to systemd. Once that is done, and all flavours are
validated / ported as well, only one init will remain.
This is exactly the same way how Core has transitioned to new baseline
in the past in the Ubuntu project. And for each of those things Ubuntu
project selects the best option for it, and doesn't ship multiples
(e.g. we never supported eglibc & glibc at the same time, we did
change the default from one project to another over the past years as
the conditions changed).



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