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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Nov 4 12:41:29 UTC 2013


On 02.11.2013 16:52, Ben Tinner wrote:
> I am planning to create a new distro of Ubuntu which will have the GNOME
> 2 look and feel. For those of you who are subscribed to ubuntu-users,
> you would have heard about my plans to create this (Anyone interested in
> a "GNOME 2 look and feel" remix?).
> Officially called Ubuntu MATE Remix, this will integrate the MATE
> Desktop Environment to the power and stability of Ubuntu. In fact, I
> already had a working prototype based on Saucy Salamander. You can
> download the prototype at
> Currently, there are a few issues with the prototype.
> 1. I do not know how to implement a GUI bootmenu in the Live CD (like
> the one used in the Ubuntu Live CD).
> 2. I do not know how to make the system to autostart the GUI, so the
> only way to start the GUI is to type 'startx' on the command line.
> I will be generating another prototype based on Trusty Tahr soon.
> After testing out my prototype, can you give me a few suggestions to
> improve the distro? I hope that this will be officially recognised and
> supported by the Ubuntu community.

Are you planning to get the necessary packages into Ubuntu itself? That
might help make maintenance a lot easier.

People from the other Ubuntu flavours might be able to help out with
some of the issues you mention above.

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