Privacy features in Touch (cyanogenmod)?

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Wed Jul 3 14:20:12 UTC 2013

On 3 July 2013 15:14, Robie Basak <robie.basak at> wrote:

> It's not much good to know that an app is misbehaving. I'd like to stop
> it.
> Having an all-or-nothing choice, like Android, often means that apps get
> feature creep, and before you know it your apps have far more
> permissions than you'd prefer. Individually we may know that we have a
> choice to not use the app, but social forces mean that we generally have
> to use it anyway. Few people spend time on writing or improving an
> alternative app if "everyone" is already using the one that needs too
> many permissions).
> I'd like to see an alternative where the app won't even know when it
> doesn't have permission to do something.
> If I didn't give it permission to have GPS, it'll just see that I have
> GPS turned off all the time to save battery.  If I didn't give it
> permission to have Internet access, I'd like the app to think that I
> just happen not to have neither wifi nor phone signal right now.  If I
> don't want to give it permission to view my contacts, it should just see
> an empty address book. No permission to use my accelerator? The app
> should just think that I don't have one.
This is pretty much the approach taken by PDroid (and OpenPDroid) on
Android. This means it's possible to do, and the PDroid manager application
is pretty straightforward. It's not necessarily for your average user
(without filtering "system apps" the list can be a little overwhelming),
but I'm sure Ubuntu can improve on it.

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