[RFC] Wrapper for launching user-preferred applications via alternatives sytem

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 28 16:30:49 UTC 2013

On 28 January 2013 06:51, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
<sergey at elementaryos.org> wrote:
> To solve this, I wrote a wrapper that registers itself in alternatives
> system with a very high priority (500) and, when invoked via a symlink
> controlled by alternatives system, it determines the symlink by which
> it was invoked based on argv[0], then looks up the user preference for
> this kind of app by its primary mimetype and launches it. If it fails
> to do so, it falls back to the second-highest-priority item in
> alternatives system, i.e. executes the behavior which would happen if
> the wrapper wouldn't exist at all.

This sounds very interesting. Why don't you propose it to Debian too,
perhaps on the debian-devel mailing list?


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