Compiling software with same options

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sun Jan 27 16:21:38 UTC 2013

Lanoxx wrote:
> thanks a lot for this explanation. I tried it and everything works
> until the last step. When I run sbuild, then it get a warning like
> this:
> W: No chroots are defined in ‘/etc/schroot/schroot.conf’ or
> ‘/etc/schroot/chroot.d’
> And the build finishes with this message:
> Finished at 20130127-1604
> Build needed 00:00:00, 0k disc space
> So it appears that no .deb package was generated, right? Do I need
> to do something to set up the chroots?

    Yes, to use sbuild, you would need to set up build chroots.  The
sbuild documentation discusses a few ways to do this, and there are
many variations you might find online.  The simplest to document
is to install the ubuntu-dev-tools package and run `mk-sbuild`,
although this makes many assumptions about your environment and
build preferences.


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