Problem with Quantal and a KVM

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at
Thu Jan 3 20:49:56 UTC 2013

Quoting Jordon Bedwell (jordon at

> > Do you see any added value to a 'splash screen' hiding *everything* that
> > is happening on *SERVER* installs?
> Disable it?  It takes but one obvious edit inside of /etc/default/grub.
> Pro tip: - quiet splash + nosplash
> Pro tip: update-grub

Thanks. I am aware of your 'pro-tips'. If you had actually read the
thread before hitting reply you would have seen my hints to Dale about
the various nosplash, noplymouth, vga=xx and verboseness parameters. 

(Which, adressing your follow-up mail, work for installers and installed
systems alike. For me, this is about installed Ubuntu systems. Not

The 'nosplash' param indeed disables the splashscreen, just like hitting
ESC would. Still, compared to booting Ubuntu pre-plymouth, there's not
really much usefull information shown on the console about what is
actually going on. There have been situations when there were no
messages being logged to the screen and the system would not continue
booting either.

This is why i normally use 'init="/sbin/init -v"' and INIT_VERBOSE=yes,
but it still is rather messy due to the parallel starting of services.

> > And framebuffered consoles. I can see *some* value of having larger
> > terminals than the default 80x24.
> And this is more constructive than my comments? Jump in and help fix
> them bugs.  Complaining is not any more constructive than what I did,

I should indeed put effort in getting framebuffers working
out-of-the-box on all my systems. You are totally correct in that
aspect. But this is not my main pet peeve. As said, i can make
framebuffers work by specifying a specific vga=xxx parameter that
does work.

My question boils down to why server installs need all this doohickey.

In my opinion it shouldn't be this hard to get back to what is actually
going on during boot of a server install. I'm totally pro these gadgets
in desktop installs, really, but this makes Ubuntu feel 'Windows™®©-y',
if i may use that word. Stuff happens behind 'the screen' and it makes
debugging bootproblems unnecessarily hard for sysadmins running Ubuntu
on serverhardware in colocating environments.

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