Problem with Quantal and a KVM

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at
Thu Jan 3 11:05:44 UTC 2013

Quoting Jordon Bedwell (jordon at

> > I agree, just did not want to say it. I get the feeling there
> > are a lot of people working on Linux these days who have never
> > set foot into a data centre.
> Your statement is full of fail and horseshit.

Not to start a war at this beautiful start of 2013, but your reply isn't
really constructive either, Jordon.

Do you see any added value to a 'splash screen' hiding *everything* that
is happening on *SERVER* installs?

And framebuffered consoles. I can see *some* value of having larger
terminals than the default 80x24. But the way it is now, it does not
work on every system. Launchpad is full of "bugs" against the kernel
because the display is blank on a device until X kicks in...

On my laptop running Precise, this too is the case.

It's nice for my mom. She also runs Ubuntu *DESKTOP* and is now no
longer scared by all the text scrolling over the screen when she boots
her computer. For experienced Linux admins it is a right PAIN in the ASS
to not be able to see what's going on.

Ubuntu 'server' has never had a real focus on the 'server' part. All the
'server' part does is leave out a certain set of packages, maybe include
a few others. Other than that it's just the same codebase/packages as
the Destkop flavour, and over the years the focus on the 'desktop'
behaviour has become very very big with all the splashscreens and vital
information hiding. 

Just my 25 cents.

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