Problem with Quantal and a KVM

Dale Amon amon at
Wed Jan 2 09:32:41 UTC 2013

For those who do not understand what I mean... if
you have a release named 'server' and it is to work
in a typical industrial rack, then you must assume:

	* your console is via a KVM that is probably
	  5-10 years old.

	* the rack has anywhere up to 10 other servers
	  in it, some of which might be brand new, others
	  may be 10 years old (If it ain't broke, you don't
	  fix it).

	* The servers will be running various versions of
	  Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, RedHat, Novell, and
	  god knows what else.

	* There will rarely be a human being at the machine
	  (going through all the security to get into the 
	   facility can be a pain); when there is it means
	  there is either a scheduled maintenance or an

	* If it is an emergency, the sysadmin must get into
	  the machine at command line as quickly as possible,
	  find everything where 30 years of Unix experience
	  says it should be, and have things fixed before
	  someone higher up in the company demands your 

You have to develop to work in that environment. If you
do not, you are just playing.

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