Problem with Quantal and a KVM

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Wed Jan 2 08:11:06 UTC 2013

Quoting Dale Amon (amon at

> Anyone know of a work around? A change in initrd?
> A change in /etc/default/grub?

Warning: kinda ranty:

This sounds like one of my major annoyances with Ubuntu (server): the
framebuffered consoles & splashscreens that are TERRIBLY incompatible
with "virtual monitors" other than a physical connected VESA-VGA capable
video display. Be it DRAC, ILOM, iRMC, KVM-switches alike, they all
struggle with the framebuffered videomodes.

Up until precise(?) it was possible to blacklist the framebuffered
videomodule (fbcon, vga16) but these are now compiled in the kernel en
therefore no longer blacklistable. :(

What seemed to help for me was to force a specific videmode you *know*
your monitor/application supports with the 'vga=xxx' kernelparameter
(or gfxpayload GRUB option). However, things have been changing wildly
the last couple of releases, none of my hacks to keep it working 

Try editing /etc/default/grub:

* Comment out every line starting with 'GRUB_HIDDEN'
This enables you to actually SEE the grub bootloader, without having to
guess what key-combo is today's way to break in to the menu of GRUB.
(It used to be ESC, then became one of the alt, ctrl or shift keys,
today you might have to hold Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift while
double clicking your middle mouse button... who knows!)

* Increase GRUB_TIMEOUT to 30 seconds
This gives your "monitor" time to tune in and show you the GRUB menu
AND allows you more time to change options / break the default process.

    "vga=792 noplymouth nosplash verbose init_verbose=yes INIT=/sbin/init -v"
This line i composed in a fit of rage when i had a system not booting
and not showing me ANYTHING usefull. It changes videomode, disables
plymouth (as far as possible) switches off splashscreens, etc...

* *UN*comment GRUB_TERMINAL=console
Even GRUB has been switched to framebuffered video by default. :(

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