NetworkManager cleartext config files vs home folder encryption

Dimitri John Ledkov xnox at
Wed Dec 25 21:39:31 UTC 2013

On 25 December 2013 20:20, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:
> Dimitri John Ledkov [2013-12-25 14:15 +0000]:
>> I don't remember, but i thought it was not the default.
> Until lucid or natty it indeed wasn't, it defaulted to per-user
> connections. But this is highly unfriendly with multiple users, you
> don't have network available in lightdm, and all our OEMs changed the
> default anyway, so since natty or precise or so NM now defaults to
> system-wide connections.
> (FWIW, I fully agree with this.)

yeah, makes sense. I only know about it, because I had to hunt it down
and "fix" multi-user systems =)
good that system-wide is the default now.



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