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Sebastian Skytt sebastian.skytt at
Fri Apr 26 11:40:29 UTC 2013

Hello, two Swedish students, currently writing our graduate paper regarding
open source.

We are attempting to shed some light on the relevance of trust within the
many virtual online open source projects, we aim to, through interviews,
first assess the relevance of trust, and secondly attempt to locate its

Our goal is to present relevant research that will help future projects
create trust between participants which in hand will improve relations and

We are searching for open source developers to interview, the interview
will be 1 hour long performed vocally through Skype. In the interview we
will ask about experiences, opinions of the cooperative, and communicative
works that occur in most open source projects.

It is our hope to find at least a few interested parties to interview, to
help us further the research regarding open source.

/Thank you for taking part of this message, if you are interested in any
way, please contact us at, sebastian.skytt at
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