Regarding manual partitioning on EFI systems

Biswarup Ray biswarupr at
Fri Apr 19 10:59:00 UTC 2013

I recently installed 13.04 final beta(Gnome version) on my Efi enabled
desktop. I selected "manual partitioning" option during installation. This
being my first installation of an OS supporting Efi, I was not aware of the
requirement of a separate EFI partition. The installer proceeded with the
installation without indicating that there was any problem and the
installation was otherwise correctly done except the Efi part. I discovered
this problem only after when the system refused to boot. I then
re-installed the whole system again after creating the EFI partition(I was
not sure chroot would work).

I am proposing that a warning system be included in the installer, which
will warn users if the EFI partition is absent during installation.

Thanks for listening,
Biswarup Ray
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