Prevent deletion of file when it is being copied

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Thu Sep 27 15:13:06 UTC 2012

On 27/09/12 07:51, Emmet Hikory wrote:

>     Yes, this is contrived, etc.  On the other hand, I suspect many
> of us have managed to be both Alice and Bob in a scenario much like
> that above when interrupted in the middle by some significant
> distraction, or just a sufficient span of time.

It is contrived, but still possible. A (perhaps) simpler scenario is:
* have multiple SSH sessions going;
* have the correct amount of interrupts on what you are doing,
requiring you to open (a few) more SSH sessions;
* run the 'rm -rf <whatever>' you intended to run in a different SSH

Pretty much all of us that work on multiple systems have done
something like that at least once (not necessarily with 'rm').

On another track, Nautilus already has a "seatbelt" on: by default,
deletion is actually move-to-trash. Of course, one can disable it. I
wonder if this was the case for the OP.



p.s. Emmet! Glad to see (ah, read) you!

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