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> On 09/04/2012 03:44 AM, Jordon Bedwell wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 2:35 AM, Nicolas Michel
>> <be.nicolas.michel at> wrote:
>>> You have wrong. Chromium is and ever was the core of the web browser from
>>> Google. And it is open source (there was no before, no after, no fork -
>>> it
>>> is the core). Google Chrome is that core, plus a certain amout of code
>>> which
>>> is not open-source and so, you don't have access to the source code of
>>> Google Chrome itself (which is a packages chromium + other codes).
>> While I don't completely understand what you are saying I will attempt
>> to refute it. Please do research before stating somebody is wrong: "In
>> September 2008, Google released a large portion of Chrome's source
>> code as an open source project called Chromium [2], which Chrome
>> releases are still based on." [1]
>> [1]**Google_Chrome<>
>> [2]**information-technology/2008/**
>> 09/google-unveils-chrome-**source-code-and-linux-port/<>
>> While today Chrome may be be based off of Chromium, originally
>> Chromium was based off of Chrome. Chrome is the original, Chromium is
>> the fork.  I am correct as I stated exactly that. So I repeat again,
>> stop spreading lies and use fact and truth please.  Thanks and have a
>> great day sir.
>>  No, it works like this:
>  - Google releases Chrome (Closed source)
>  - Google open sources Chrome... mostly:  parts are proprietary, so they
> shuffle those into the closet and release most of it, shaped up into
> working order and ready to accept their proprietary code.  This new
> open-source Chrome is called "Chromium" since "Google Chrome" is a
> particular brand (it's the name of Google's browser)
>  - Chromium also runs on Linux, so Linux distributions package Chromium
>  - Google continues to work on Chromium and on their Chrome patch set,
> releasing Chromium as source code and the Chrome browser as a compiled
> product.
> Chromium is just Google Chrome without some of Google's secrets.

You're describing the process like these projects were different but they
aren't. They are both part of the same projet. In fact Chromium project is
behind 3 products of Google (
- Chromium (the browser)
- Google Chrome
- Chromium OS

Chromium is the codebase of future versions of these related projects. They
are testing new codes into chromium and then decides or not to keep that
code and put it into Google Chrome. And yes google chrome also have part of
proprietary codes as the decoder for the H264 codec and other things.

In conclusion : Google Chrome is mostly Chromium but not entirely. And one
is not the fork of the other because in a fork, the codebase tends to
differienciate along the time which is not the case here. One is based on
the other, plus some more features.

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