ecryptfs default config

Damian Ivanov damianatorrpm at
Sun Sep 2 13:16:30 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

I just did an ubuntu 12.04 fresh install and I wanted to test
something in ecryptfs. So basically I selected during install to
require password to login and to encrypt home folder. I logged in and
created secret.txt on my desktop and shut down. I booted up again but
in bootloader I appended init=/bin/bash booted into the root shell,
did a
mount -o remount,rw / and passwd $my_user set a new password and
rebooted.  After reboot I logged into $my_user account with the new
password. secret.txt is readable and all other files too. Is this the
expected behaviour?! If yes isn't it better to change the behaviour to
something more secure...


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