Thinking about SRU

Ma Xiaojun damage3025 at
Mon Oct 29 02:48:41 UTC 2012

SRU stands for Stable Release Updates:

I think the When list may need some additions.

Probably everyone wants latest version if she happens to notice the 
difference between upstream and Ubuntu.

I'm in no way suggest that Ubuntu should become rolling released. But I 
believe we shouldn't let user stick with old version in these two cases.

1. Misbehaved Software
I mean software that doesn't even fulfill its supposed functionality.
Two examples:

"rar" package:
RAR format is proprietary, ... (fill suitable bad words here)
But it indeed support Unicode file name / path well.
However, current Ubuntu repository stuck with a broken version:

"im-switch" package:
Due to some obscure reasons, this package make IBus indicator works in a 
probabilistic (like flip a coin) way; the indicator icon may disappear 
in many situations.
This bug spans from 11.10 to 12.10.

2. Alpha-quality Software.
Current many desktop stuff on Linux is indeed Alpha-quality.
Examples include GNOME, IBus, Unity, ...
Frequent upgrades are definitely needed. How can we leave users with 
software that stably crash?

Point 0 components from GNOME already caused some problem in 12.10. 
Fortunately they got SRU.

I guess same principle applies to IBus, though 1.5 bumping should 
definitely leave to at least R. We should have 1.3.9 for 10.04 and 1.4.2 
for 11.10/12.04/12.10.

Well, I know there is regression risk in any upgrades. But there is no 
meaning to keep software in stably broken state.

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