could you add this feature or discuss it at 13.04 Developer Summit?

Brian labishi bni1984 at
Fri Oct 19 18:02:29 UTC 2012

Hi, Nicolas.

I have already tried Leopard flower. I could not get it to work. But it also is not available in the ubuntu repositories. I tried it more for experimentation than in an attempt to really use it.

I think that an ubuntu-firewall-log that can report the application that generated a log report should be available to the wider ubuntu community in the repositories. Either the Main or Universe repositories. As you said in an earlier post, this helps with security 


> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:31:54 +0200
> Subject: Re: could you add this feature or discuss it at 13.04
> Developer Summit?
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> Brian,
> Continuing to search, I found the exact app you were searching for and
> the last version is pretty recent (feb 2012) :
> It logs access and can restrict app access to the network. But I never
> tryied it.
> Regards,
> Nicolas
> 2012/10/17 Ma Xiaojun <damage3025 at<mailto:damage3025 at>>
> On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 1:23 AM, Nicolas Michel
> <be.nicolas.michel at<mailto:be.nicolas.michel at>> wrote:
> > In consequence, all applications that you install from the Ubuntu Software
> > center are considered "safe" by the distribution maintainers because
> they or
> > others members of the open-source community already reviewed the source
> > code. This is why you always should prefer installing app from the ubuntu
> > software center than from the net directly except if you know what you're
> > doing.
> I think Ubuntu software center also features non-open source stuff now.
> The trust model is more like Apple's app store now.
> The developers of apps may be considered as untrusted.
> But the apps have gone through the review a (hopefully) trusted company.
> > Other argument against the app firewall level with popus: let the user the
> > possibility to easily configure the security of its computer is only
> usefull
> > when the user knows what he's really doing and all consequences. Most
> people
> > will click on "yes" on every popup that appears without asking themselves
> > the consequences of that click.
> > Final argument against : I hate popups :)
> All true, so the origin poster need a logger.
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