Problems with dmalloc5

Dale Amon amon at
Tue Mar 27 21:20:28 UTC 2012

I am trying to get dmalloc5 to work... I last
used it in 2005 and nothing seems to work now.

I even downloaded a test program from Linux Journal
for a dmalloc_test program and it has the same problems.

My own program, broke a few days ago, just after the new
libc6 version went into oneiric. So I tried getting the
dmalloc working again because it looks like something is
now causing a fault in the dynamic storage allocator.

I used:


which I manually entered to the shell as I no longer have
a clue what Ubuntu is doing to bash shell defaults since
my trusty files do not seem to get loaded any more (but that
is another story).

I then run the program... 

newlog is created... but it is of zero length.

I tried adding a 'dmalloc_shutdown()' call at the end
of my main program. Same thing.

Program segfaults inside an snprintf and the error 
message if I am in gdb says there was a dmalloc error.

Getting some data out of the thing would be useful. I also
wonder if the libc6 ubuntu5 has something wrong or that
does not play well with dmalloc5.

Note that the program I am testing has been in use for 6
years and the last update was 2 years ago. It does not
seem to crash on an oneiric without the new libc6, but
I cannot say for certain that is the issue until I can
get hard data on what is going on in the allocator. It
might just be a latent bug that the new version moved
such that by chance something critical happened.

I would be exceedingly appreciative of expeditious 
responses. :-)

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