Fwd: Re: Drop Gwibber from default install

Kai Mast kai.mast at freakybytes.org
Fri Mar 16 14:59:51 UTC 2012

On 12.03.2012 01:04, Ken VanDine wrote:
> The real problem we have with Gwibber is lack of contributors, we only
> have a few regular contributors all with other responsibilities.
> Fortunately I get to do some work on Gwibber as part of my day job
> working for Canonical, which is awesome. However, most of the work I
> put into gwibber is in my spare time. None of the complaints I've seen
> from people are unsolvable, but we need to have a plan and people to
> work on it. My proposed solution: Put together a plan of what needs to
> be done and do a call for volunteers to help work on it.

Well this is exactly my point. Really my post wasn't in any way trying
to offend you. I love the minor fixes you did in Gwibber and I actually
(more or less forced myself to) use Gwibber for a long time.

I am just wondering why Canonical isn't pushing a little more effort
into this? Or is this planned in the long run?

As I pointed out before, it is not that easy to get started as a
developer on Gwibber imo. Especially the Vala code isn't well documented..

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