Default setting for system suspend in Ubuntu install CD

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Tue Mar 6 15:49:47 UTC 2012

 2012/3/6 Oliver Grawert <ogra at>

> hi,
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2012 13:54:50 +0100
> Roberto NM <robe.nanga at> wrote:
> > I think the behaviour to do nothing instead of suspending is expected
> > and user friendly since other major operating systems (Windows, OS X)
> > behave the same way.
> >
> there are many people using the live media as a work environment, just
> switching off suspend across the board only because you are running
> a desktop from a live media would be a bad idea imho, i fully agree
> that suspend should be disabled if the actual installer runs though, i
> think you need to differentiate a bit between "try ubuntu" and "install
>  ubuntu"

If you choose install right after booting the installation CD the dash and
launcher don't load, yet the behaviour is suspend upon closing the lid. In
this scenario if I recall correctly you can't use the dash too search for
the option and deactivate it. If you are really new to Ubuntu you wouldn't
know where or what to look for in system settings anyways.

What would happen then if the user selects try ubuntu and then install
ubuntu? If you choose "try ubuntu", you get access to the dash and
launcher. Then you could select "install ubuntu". Wouldn't the users then
expect not to interrupt the installation when they close the lid? Would you
have to change the setting too? I think there are warnings to connect the
laptop to a power source if it is disconnected but there are no warnings to
not close the lid or the system will suspend and interrupt the
installation/partitioning. The same thing would happen if you decide to run
gparted after selecting "try ubuntu" (and before going for the

I think the loss for people using live CD as a work environment would be
less critical than that of the users whose installation/partitioning is
interrupted upon closing the lid. After all, those working using liveCD are
more likely to be familiar with the system and can choose to suspend by
acting consciously. Either by changing the setting from "do nothing" to
"suspend" or by clicking suspend on the "gear menu" (however it's called).
It is also very unlikely that new users trying or installing ubuntu will
meddle with system settings if they are going to, you now, just try and/or
install Ubuntu.

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