Default setting for system suspend in Ubuntu install CD

Roberto NM robe.nanga at
Tue Mar 6 12:54:50 UTC 2012

Hello y'all! First of anything I'm kinda new to this whole linux/open
source thing. I had used Ubuntu in virtual machines before (windows host)
but I needed to install it in my laptop to work on academic stuff that I
couldn't do in the virtual machine.

The thing is, I think that the default setting on closing the lid of a
laptop should be set to do nothing instead of suspend. At least do this for
the install/live CD environment.
It makes no sense that you keep this setting as "suspend" when this could
interrupt the install or disk partitioning tasks. The second of those
happened to me and it screwed up my windows partition big time, the NTFS
got corrupted and my partition became unbootable. Not to mention recovering
some of the data took a long time since chkdsk takes days on a 1TB hard

I think the behaviour to do nothing instead of suspending is expected and
user friendly since other major operating systems (Windows, OS X) behave
the same way.

I apologize if this wasn't the medium to point this out.
Have a nice day :)
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