multiple reports of same bug-needs fixing

Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn alanjas at
Fri Jun 1 02:33:49 UTC 2012

> >> All these bugs describe the same problem: Max Brightness at boot. There are
> >> a lot of people with this problem.
How bad is that? I have problem in my Acer with no brightness: I fixed that with a parameterin the grub.. My problem meant that I cannot use it.. Your problem is trivial comparedwith it is trivial.. 
> Whilst I agree with you that the repeated spamming is annoying and 
> shouldn't be happening (and is possibly counter-productive at best), 
> it's worth pointing out that the earliest one of those bug reports was 
> triaged around 6 months ago by pitti, and there has been absolutely no 
> official communication on the ticket, not even a brief message.  As far 
> as people know what to them seems a trivial bug means squat diddly to 
> Ubuntu, and no one is interested in fixing it.  Is it really surprising 
> that after 6 months people might be a little frustrated and resorting in 
> this?

There are other errors that have more time to be fixed.. 		 	   		  
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