Problem with flash-kernel script on PandaBoard with Ubuntu image and Linaro kernel

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Jul 12 16:50:43 UTC 2012

Am Donnerstag, den 12.07.2012, 15:32 +0000 schrieb David Cullen:
> Hello, Robie,
> On 7/11/2012 5:59 PM, Robie Basak wrote:
> > On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 04:32:51PM +0000, David Cullen wrote:
> >> My questions are
> >>
> >>   1. Is it appropriate to suggest a patch to the Ubuntu
> >> "flash-kernel" to support the use of Linaro kernels?
> > 
> > Seems reasonable to me (but I don't have the relevant decision making
> > powers). The patch doesn't look particularly invasive.
> > 
> > However, note that flash-kernel in Quantal has resynced with Debian, and
> > looks radically different now. I'm not sure that this would be suitable
> > for an SRU, so you'll want to test for the bug and may have to rework
> > your patch for Quantal.
> Wouldn't the "flash-kernel" maintainer want to issue an update for
> people who are still using Precise on OMAP4?  The reason I proposed
> the patch was to help people who might have the same problem I have
> with Precise on OMAP4.

the flash-kernel in quantal is a complete rewrite from scratch,
replacing flash-kernel in precise with the quantal version would man to
also redesign how our images boot etc. i dont think thats a doable task,
especially since the version in precise has grown hacks and workarounds
over several years that other scripts and fesures in the images rely on.

it seems very unlikely that the quantal version would break though,
since the omap and omap4 subarches are handled identically in this
version. if you find a bug in quantal anyway, please file a separate bug
and we'll try to get the fix in (though preferably this should go into
debian first, we try to keep the delta with them small nowadays and
would like to prevent the piling up of downstream hacks and workarounds
in the new version).

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