Ugly GRUB menu entries

Denis Washington denisw at
Wed Jan 18 06:23:40 UTC 2012


Given that this Ubuntu cycle is all about "precision" with little 
details, how about taking some "techie" cruft out of the GRUB boot 
selection menu entries? Currently, these seem pretty confusing to a 
casual user:

- The Ubuntu entries as the kernel version ("Ubuntu, with kernel 
3.2.0-9...") that do not relate to anything that we usually present the 
user. It would be much nicer if we had the actual Ubuntu version stand 
there instead, so that the entry just becomes "Ubuntu 12.04".

- The Windows entries for Windows Vista or Windows 7 always seems to get 
"(loader)" appended to their name, apparently because they boot from a 
separate boot partition. This is completely useless to the user and not 
particularly pretty. The entry should just be named e.g. "Windows 7".

What do you think? (Is that something to file a bug about?)

Denis Washington

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