Thinking about adding a Twitter stream to the Ubuntu install slideshow

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Wed Jan 18 02:01:02 UTC 2012

I'd like to chime in and agree that this sounds like a really neat
idea--especially if those running the feed were to include info about
critical updates or bugs that need to be dealt with as soon as the install
is finished (assuming the user doesn't have the installer download all this
stuff during the installation).

Aside from that, I, too, would enjoy seeing aspects of the thriving Ubuntu
community show up during "hour 1" of using the OS.  This could go a long
way to encourage new users to participate in the community.  It might also
be cool (if it's not already there--I don't recall at the moment) to have
short links handy to places like, etc., just to let new
users know where to go if they get stuck.

In any case, whatever ultimately goes into this feed, I think it's a good
idea.  :-)

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