Thinking about adding a Twitter stream to the Ubuntu install slideshow

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Tue Jan 17 00:11:28 UTC 2012

The Ubuntu install slideshow for Precise should be a pretty ordinary
little copy update, I think, so it'll just kind of happen little by
little in the next couple months, as it does. Might be nice to tinker
with it in Q, but that's the future, and the future can go jump in a
lake for all I care :b

One thing I would like to do is fix the last of the very
English-looking pictures: the Ask Ubuntu one. (Well, especially very
English-looking), and that is why I'm subjecting this list to a large
and rambly email.

I wonder if there would be any opposition to a live Twitter stream in
that screenshot's place, where available, showing tweets containing
#ubuntu? This would be on the last page of the slideshow.
(By "Twitter stream" I'm talking about this thing, or something like
it, styled to look pretty:

I know Twitter is a proprietary service, but with my initial poking at
the idea, there's a very diverse crowd represented in that search. I
think it would be a neat way to quietly showcase the Ubuntu community
as a living, breathing thing that exists right now, and it would say
“see? you're not alone!”. And, hopefully, (most likely), the tweets
will all be positive and welcoming.

There is the issue that this stream needs to live (and be consistent)
for five years, and I think that can be handled by some defensive js
code, which we'll already need for the event that there's no Internet
connection. It's also going on the assumption that, in five year's
time, Twitter's stream for #ubuntu will still be nice to read, but I
think that's a likely enough assumption.

We can make the search language-specific (search Twitter with lang:zh,
for example), though I worry that could make it a little sparse in
some cases. We _might_ want to filter against negative language, in
which case the search query would need to be localized. I think that
can be done, too.

I'm just throwing the idea around. Any other thoughts?


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