Bulid dedicated kernels.

HSO adam at biznes.linux.pl
Sun Feb 12 17:19:43 UTC 2012

Smart buld. - Only Laptopo/Notebook - One kernel in one/two Month -
and not bulid form scratch - but bulid by decres a module range like:
some Laptop have no AGP - other have no PCI-E - one use pcmcia - other
don't have - one use PAE ext, other don't etc, etc. And bulid only for
lack performens of Laptopo/Notebook computers. And when it's costly -
then do a long in time - by 10 - 20 Years -  above 60 or 120  or 240
Kernel - and it's some of collection.


"powiedz mi, a zapomnę, pokaż -- a zapamiętam, pozwól mi działać, a zrozumiem!"

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