Some hack of Firefox backend for webgl

HSO adam at
Wed Feb 8 13:50:49 UTC 2012

Webgl - can be run in Ubuntu (but - talk in end o message):

Firefox Have about:config
In Firefox config tab have a "handler" for libosmesa. And some bool-en
 switch for enabled Webgl (true, flase).

You can consider add a lib name but in new
way. How ?
in system we have but software rendering. We can rewrite
by top of DRI and MESA  - driver.  In case
must be/have:

1. Hardware Accelerated. (DRI + MESA) or properti drivers (

Writing driver again - must have at least compatibility
with OpenGL 1.2. Opengl is modular - so if you - having higher
graphics card opengl version (eg 2.0) can read the adytional

The bottom line is - to  always compatible with the
applet / canvas WebGL whethever opngl version it;s requ.- and when you
run part of an extension - just show the image quality in a smaller -
or less accurate.

Example: WebGL applet / Canvas can request opengl 2.0 Card Comaptybil
 - we have Opengl 1.2 card - cheat applet that talk "Yes
i have opnegl 2.0 car" and i silent run only opnegl 1.2 extension . -
Applet run in lower graphic - but run :-)
That way Webgl cab be on any device ( card with opengl 1,2 are very cheap :-)

That love opengl - for a modular externsion -


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