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Thu Aug 9 00:08:51 UTC 2012

Le 09/08/2012 00:21, Alexandre Strube a écrit :
> Perhaps you could, instead of resorting to offense, show, by 
> numbers/video/anything why you want something changed.
> Seriously.
> Most people here are quite protective of what they have, but no one is 
> stupid. Prove yourself right, and the world will go with you.
> The first example was very anedoctal, and, to be honest, I didn't get 
> the point, being left-handed. I asked two colleagues of mine to read 
> your email, both left-handed as well, and no one understood your 
> complain. So I have an anedoctal fact of three left-handed who don't 
> agree with you.
> I should say that all of us, besides being left-handed, use the mouse 
> on the right hand. For different reasons, from VERY different cultural 
> backgrounds (brazilian, german, belarusian).
> So, please, get calm, and explain better, and - if possible - prove - 
> your point. People WILL listen to you.
> 2012/8/8 Jordon Bedwell <jordon at 
> <mailto:jordon at>>
>     On 08/08/2012 01:27 PM, Phillip Susi wrote:
>     > Constructive criticism identifies a problem, explains why it is a
>     > problem, and suggests what can be done to fix it.  Complaining about
>     > what was done in the past, and how it was done, often with little
>     > basis in reality, is ranting.  See the difference?
>     I said criticism, I said nothing about constructive, you seem to be
>     under the impression that all criticism must be constructive, this
>     isn't
>     grade school, I'm not here to tell you how to do your job, or to teach
>     you how to do it. I just throw the trash out when I don't like it and
>     move after criticising it.  I've no time to sit down and do what you
>     guys should have done right, which step one would have been a /real/
>     usability test.  A 15 person sample group made up of unequal
>     numbers and
>     a somewhat biased requirement list is far from anything considered
>     good.
>     Actually you know, to be honest, I wouldn't even criticise Unity
>     if some
>     people at Canonical weren't so keen/sure on implying it being good and
>     usable to all and being perfect and having tasteful design decisions.
>     Or if they would have admitted the Usability test was dodgy.  I would
>     just consider it another environment I do not like and move on
>     without a
>     word, but the way past tickets were handled changed that.
>     > If you want to have a productive discussion, then you should
>     focus on
>     > explaining why it is any harder for a right handed person to
>     move the
>     > mouse to the left than to the right, rather than insult me.
>     Who said I wanted to be productive for you guys? People far higher you
>     have already established they don't really give a crap about what
>     users
>     want because it's not tasteful to them. With that said, I've adopted a
>     criticise, throw out the trash and walk away attitude towards anything
>     included in Ubuntu now.  That is what's great about Linux, there
>     are so
>     many ways to make it your own and you get to be selective about where
>     you give back to opensource.
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You are not happy with Unity? So, I recommend you to simply move back to 
gnome or any other UI of your choice, and then set up your launcher 
where and as you want but please, stop to scare/annoy all Ubuntu 
developers! You do not feel very good or what? Unity is an ambitious UI 
and any suggestion for improvement is welcome but in constructive way ! 
To resume, stop to cry now. I get all your mail and I lost a lot of time 
because you ! ! !

Laurent Declercq
iHMS project manager

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