Are UI developers all left handed?

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Wed Aug 8 15:43:13 UTC 2012

On 2012/08/08 11:25 (GMT-0400) Phillip Susi composed:

> On 8/8/2012 11:01 AM, John Moser wrote:

>>  Put your mouse pointer in the middle of the screen.

>>  Put your mouse somewhere you can grab it.

>>  Now reach out and grab the mouse.

>>  Where does the pointer end up?

> It ends up in the middle of the screen; if you pick up the mouse off
> of the pad, it isn't going to move.

>>  If it winds up in the top right of your screen, it seems you're
>>  right handed.  Your arm just goes that way, and your wrist
>>  straightens to support the movement.  It flexes outward more easily
>>  than inward, too.

> What are you talking about?  If you are left handed, then you will
> want to put the mouse on the left of the keyboard where you can hold
> it with your left hand.

You're under 40, right? Under 30 too? 20?

>>  UNITY.  Puts the control box (close, minimize, etc) in the top
>>  left. Of the entire screen.

>>  GNOME SHELL.  The thing you have to hit to do anything is in the
>>  top left corner.  Want to log out?  That's in the top right,
>>  fastest thing you'll be able to hit ever.

> Which hand you prefer to hold the mouse with has no bearing on how
> fast you can click anything on the screen, nor does where it is on the
> screen.  Moving the cursor to the left or to the right is done with
> equal ease no matter which hand you favor.

We all must navigate to a clicking point before clicking. You seem to be 
assuming moving a mouse pointer is always easy. It isn't. Put on your carpal 
tunnel or arthritis gloves and try it. Even just using the wrong hand might 
give you some idea. Maybe the Windows 8 devs have discovered what the OP is 
getting at.
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