hang in failsafe.conf on precise

Christoph Mathys eraserix at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:39:44 UTC 2012

I just encountered some problems with very long boottimes on precise.
failsafe.conf just hangs until the timeout has elapsed.

The culprit seems to be that I define interfaces in
/etc/network/interfaces that do not exist when I'm testing in kvm
(ifup -a fails). This then seems to prevent static-network-up to be
emitted. I'm not quite sure why this event is never emitted. Is
static-network-up only emitted, if the job networking ("exec ifup -a")
runs successfully? (I've disable network-interface.conf)

As a workaround I think I'll just disable failsafe.conf and write my
own job which immediately emits the static-network-up event.


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