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Ray McCrum ogmhc10n2 at att.net
Fri Apr 20 16:50:23 UTC 2012

I am having Trouble getting this through to You.  Something in Your 
System is rejecting because of HTML attachments, which there are none 
that I am putting in here.

This is my 3rd try and I hope the last.  I have told my Thunderbird to 
send this in plain Text, I just hope that works.

Ray McCrum

-----Main text----

This should be an easy fix.

This morning I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 11.10 to the Ubuntu 12.04 
beta2-desktop-amd64, which did not work.

I went into the Terminal and typed in this Line.....
         ''sudo do-­release-­upgrade ­d;''

I tried this several times, both using and not using the "-" between 
words like it is Printed in the PDF I downloaded from the Ubuntu Web 
Site last evening.  I also tried it with and with out the "; " at the 
end of the Line.

The only result I got was a Line that said "no upgrades found''.  I know 
the File has been released, because I downloaded a copy of it last 
evening also.  I do prefer to use the Automatic Upgrade, because it has 
worked so well on Ubuntu before, and saves so much time re-installing 
and configuring Software.

I am currently using Ubuntu 10.04 L.T.S as my Main Software, but I have 
the 11.10 version installed also, the last two weeks.

The 11.10 appears to be working great, but I always test New OS Systems 
about a Month before I really switch to them on a permanent basis.

One comment I would like to make is about the 'new' Desktop Programs, 
both Gnome3, and Unity.  I do not really like either of them, because 
they remove the 'Panels' that an individual can add Icons to for Quick 
Starting Software Programs.  I am using the Unity on my Ubuntu 11.10 
because is it the 'lesser of the two evils'.  I normally keep 18 
separate Icons, plus the Drop Down Menu Box, and the standard Calender, 
Network Icon Volume Control, and Shut Down Menu in the top Panel on 
Ubuntu 10.04.  That can't be done in the Unity Interface.  The 
''Dashboard'' is a time waster in finding the Programs I want to run.

Other then the Menu system, the Ubuntu 11.10 appears to be a great 
operating System.  This 10.04 I have been running has been the best I 
have ever owned in 28 Years I have been using Computers.

Thank You

Ray McCrum
     Email;  ogmhc10n2 at att.net

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