SSD with ubuntu -- Developer guidance please

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Wed Apr 11 22:41:40 UTC 2012

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On 04/11/2012 10:19 AM, Nicholas Abbott wrote:
> I have a new computer that has an Intel SSD. I have some questions
> about using Ubuntu with an SSD that I hope ubuntu developers can
> answer for me. I've researched online but do not know how best to
> proceed as there seems to be differing advice. I see it mentioned
> online that I should mount with DISCARD. But an article from OpenSUSE
> says DISCARD is not good to use. 
>  Here are my questions 1.) are there any issues I should be aware of
> if using ubuntu on an SSD? Is ubuntu primarily intended to be used on
> HDD and not recommended for SSD?
> 2.) do you recommend TRIM be used for SSD with ubuntu?
> 3.) If you do recommend TRIM be used, how should TRIM be setup?
> Automatic wiping, or manual wiping? FITRIM, FSTRIM, or DISCARD?

I have had an SSD for about two years now and have never bothered enabling the discard mount option.  I left some of the drive unpartitioned so that some blocks would never be written to and thus, the drive should never run out of erase blocks.  About 6 months ago I did a benchmark and noticed that it wasn't quite as fast as it was when it was new ( though still plenty fast ), so I migrated my data off and reset the drive with an hdparm security erase, then moved my data back.  This restored performance to tip top.

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