How to install Precise without getting screwed?

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> If I might recommend one final thing...can the essence of this
> discussion be somehow posted in an easy-to-find place on Ubuntu's
> various web pages and forums?  It would be helpful to have an
> official notice that "this is how it is, and it's not going back to
> how it was."  It would save a lot of people (like me) a lot of
> trouble in trying to present ideas about what's unsatisfactory and
> needs changing, seeing as the direction of development apparently
> finds such input (concerning the GUI) unimportant at this time. As a
> policy, I find this quite unfortunate, but if that's "just how it
> is," a simple warning would be nice.

I think you are expanding and assuming results, decisions, and
consequences over what has been said on this thread.

1. I am pretty sure Unity development will look at, and hear, on any
well-explained, decent complaint. 
2. I am sorry, but "Gnome 3 sucks, and Unity sucks more" is *not* what
I am referring to above.
3. I do not remember anyone involved on Unity development stating that
s/he "finds such input (concerning the GUI) unimportant at this time".
4. I see no official notice of "this is how it is(...)"

What we had was a rant followed by another rant followed by... I do not
know, I stopped in the middle of the second rant. ScootK was very right
when referring to the delete option.

A lot of people left KDE when KDE4 was put out. A lot returned, others
went elsewhere. A lot of people will leave Gnome3, or
<replace by whatever interface is changing the paradigm>. It happens,
people (in general) do not like change. But if I do not like something,
and I want to _help_ change it, I need to put out a very clear
statement of what I think is wrong *AND* why I think it 
is wrong.

I have not seen this here.

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