SSD with ubuntu -- Developer guidance please

Nicholas Abbott niabbott at
Wed Apr 11 14:19:42 UTC 2012

Hi everyone. My name is Nicholas.

I have a new computer that has an Intel SSD. I have some questions about using Ubuntu with an SSD that I hope ubuntu developers can answer for me. I've researched online but do not know how best to proceed as there seems to be differing advice. I see it mentioned online that I should mount with DISCARD. But an article from OpenSUSE says DISCARD is not good to use.

Here are my questions
1.) are there any issues I should be aware of if using ubuntu on an SSD? Is ubuntu primarily intended to be used on HDD and not recommended for SSD?

2.) do you recommend TRIM be used for SSD with ubuntu? 

3.) If you do recommend TRIM be used, how should TRIM be setup? Automatic wiping, or manual wiping? FITRIM, FSTRIM, or DISCARD? 

I really don't understand any of this in depth, so I'm very thankful for any direction/guidance you can provide.

Thank you so much,

By the way, I explored but couldn't find info on SSDs I was looking for.

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