server went unbootable

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Sun Apr 8 05:03:48 UTC 2012


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On Apr 7, 2012 5:44 AM, "Dale Amon" <amon at> wrote:
> At one point I tried to build a 'special' statically
> linked ssh... an effort that didn't work out... with
> the idea of having it available on some port as an
> emergency backdoor for sysadmins that came up as
> soon as networking was up. The idea was that if things
> went bad and you were 4000 miles away from the data
> centre...
> Just another of those things that I might have done,
> if I lived on a planet with 48 hours days.

Don't use openssh! There are a few smaller, lighter, statically linkable
SSH daemons out there.
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