Accessing GVFS mounts from 3rd party applications?

David Klasinc bigwhale at
Sat Apr 7 07:47:11 UTC 2012


Each time a device is automatically mounted by operating system every
gnome/gtk aware application can access it without any problems. The
problem is with non-gnome applications. There is no way to access all
those devices and auto mounting loses its purpose.

With various storage devices the workaround is to open your home
directory and navigate to .gvfs and open the directory of the device.
This is cumbersome and not always possible, because one might not see
the dot directory.

Now, the real problem. Digital cameras that are recognized by gphoto2
and are 'mounted' with PTP there is no way to access them.

This is seriously disturbing the work flow of someone that deals with a
lot of photographs and is not using a gnome-aware software for post
processing and cataloging. It means that photographs have to be copied
to the disk and then imported in chosen software.

Unfortunately using Shotwell isn't an option, because it lacks a lot of
RAW processing functionality and post processing filters and options.

So, are there any workarounds that don't require a lot of manual work?


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