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Hello Jason! Thanks for your email! You can help!

Computer programs are more or less simple things, and they can only do so
much. To make the computer hot and drain batteries, they are either

1) using a lot of cpu, or
2) making a lot of disk activity.

If your model of computer is experiencing the problem, you will probably be
able to spot which process is causing it with the command "ps" on the
terminal, and looking who's consuming the cpu.

Disk activity is a bit less straightforward than that, but is still doable,
although I doubt it would be heating the machine that much.

When you see which process is taking up an abnormal amount of cpu time, it
would be really nice if you would file a bug about it, so the person
directly responsible for this piece of software can actually help.

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:59 PM, Jason Ticehlzuk <jtonk at> wrote:

> Can you guys PLEASE make reducing heat & power consumption the top priority
> for P-series?
> Ubuntu Forums is filled with posts about ubuntu running hot, forced
> shutdowns from heat, and draining batteries. When running Ubuntu, my
> netbook's fan runs constantly and the computer feels hot to touch. However,
> this is not the case if I run Windows on the netbook or when I use my
> Macbook Pro.
> If you guys can do only one thing for P-series, please fix the heat issue.
> I know ubuntu users will be grateful and so thankful.
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