Canonical, please continue to support xul-ext-notify for Firefox (or some replacement)

Sam Smith smickson at
Sat Sep 17 22:37:31 UTC 2011

I'm sending this e-mail as a result of this Ask Ubuntu:

I'd like to politely beg that Canonical integrate Firefox Download notifications into NotifyOSD for the future. It would be such a huge disappointment to not have this feature.

I often start a download and while it is downloading I go on to work on something else on my computer. The NotifyOSD always pops up telling me the download is complete at which point I know I can deal with it. Firefox's native notify popup is not as good. I often miss seeing it. And even when I do notice it, it is too late to be able to read it because it is already sliding back into the bottom of the screen. 

Having all my "notices" appear in the same place is such a great feature of Ubuntu. The NotifyOSD telling me when a download complete is one of the "small things" that makes me really like Ubuntu. I hope Canonical will not let this feature die. 

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