subject [Bug 844965] Re: "Ubuntu Classic" session selection missing from unity-greeter.

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Fri Sep 9 01:07:48 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 08, 2011 at 12:44:03PM -0600, Vernon Cole wrote:
> I submitted a bug report to oneiric beta this morning due to the fact
> that i was unable to switch the Unity desktop off and revert to
> standard gnome. I assumed that it was an oversight. Apparently not.
> This is the answer I recieved:
> v v v v v
> from Omer Akram om26er at via
> Until this morning, I was under the impression that Canonical was to a
> large extent user driven.

I should point out that Omer Akram isn't a Canonical employee.

> Yes, I tried installing gnome-session-fallback.  There was no change
> in the operation of my machine.  Perhaps it would do something if only
> I knew how to turn it on?

To me, that sounds like reasonable cause to reopen the bug or file a
separate bug.

> Or am I completely out to lunch and everyone but me thinks Unity is
> the cat's meow?

I work for Canonical, but not on anything to do with the desktop.  I'm
quite happy using Unity, although mainly because it gives me an extra
line or two in maximised terminal windows. :-)

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]

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