subject [Bug 844965] Re: "Ubuntu Classic" session selection missing from unity-greeter.

Vernon Cole vernondcole at
Thu Sep 8 18:44:03 UTC 2011

I submitted a bug report to oneiric beta this morning due to the fact
that i was unable to switch the Unity desktop off and revert to
standard gnome. I assumed that it was an oversight. Apparently not.
This is the answer I recieved:
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date Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 11:10 AM
subject [Bug 844965] Re: "Ubuntu Classic" session selection missing
from unity-greeter.
That is not possible in Ubuntu 11.10 and there is no chance for gnome-
panels coming back. the most close you can get is install gnome-session-
fallback and login to that session.

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My mood is now swinging between anger, frustration, and dismay.

Until this morning, I was under the impression that Canonical was to a
large extent user driven.  Clearly, they have a different impression
than I about the popularity of Unity.  Everyone I heard from thought
it was an interesting experiment which might someday grow into a
usable session manager.  Most disliked it, and I know of no one who
actually USED the damned thing.  Either they elected to forgo the
upgrade to Natty, or, like me, simply switched to "Classic".  A few
actually re-loaded 10.10 or switched distro versions.

This reply makes it sound like changing my distro choice is the only
long-term solution if I desire to glance at the top of my screen and
see how my network is running.  Cannot Canonical see that Unity is a
giant step backwards in usability?  What's wrong with letting me

Yes, I tried installing gnome-session-fallback.  There was no change
in the operation of my machine.  Perhaps it would do something if only
I knew how to turn it on?

Or am I completely out to lunch and everyone but me thinks Unity is
the cat's meow?

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