Proposal to delay release of Precise Pangolin

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo.moya at
Wed Oct 19 14:43:09 UTC 2011

On mié, 2011-10-19 at 09:02 -0400, nick rundy wrote:
> I appreciate your e-mail, Martin :) 
> > * These types of bugs are too big/complex for quick patches and too
> > small or unimportant for critical attention.
> This is what I'm getting at. I don't doubt this is true. However,
> fixing this stuff is what's going to make a critical difference in
> users coming to, enjoying, and staying with Ubuntu. Put the "rapid
> release" schedule on hold temporarily and make an LTS that fixes this
> stuff. Then the LTS can last a long time as the face of Ubuntu. The
> status quo has become new releases perpetuating old bugs that are
> years old. The LTS releases up to this point are better than the
> 6-months but they still contain these bugs. I'm proposing that if bug
> #1 is going to be "Fix Released," the current full speed ahead
> rapid-release approach has to at least take a break for a cycle and
> address this stuff. NOW is an appropriate time because of Unity and
> GNOME 3.2. There's a lot of stuff that needs fixing in Unity and GNOME
> 3.2.
I really think a bit more of time between the GNOME releases and the
Ubuntu final release would help a lot in cleaning lots of these bugs.
Usually, the x.x.1 release of GNOME is much better, since it includes
lots of fixes for lots of issues as people start using the final stable
release in their distros. So, getting x.x.1 in the final Ubuntu release
would help a lot.

Of course, not saying all bugs would get fixed, but it would help in
having more of this kind of bugs fixed.

Also, still talking about GNOME, the desktop team doesn't have enough
man power to fix Ubuntu and GNOME upstream bugs, so yes, we also need
25/50 more desktop developers :)

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